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The Journal of Process Oriented Psychology Vol. 2 Nr 1, February 1989 
Jungian psychology 
Process Magic 
Kundalini Shakti Symptoms 
Conflict Resolutions 
Dreaming Up 
Relationship Work 
Cooperative Learning 
The Journal of Process Oriented Psychology Vol. 3 Nr 1, February 1990 
Role Theory in Group Process Work 
Process Work with Music 
Emerging World Views 
Process Reflections on the California Earthquake

The Journal of Process Oriented Psychology Vol. 4 Nr 1, Fall/Winter 1992 
African Culture 
The Homeless 
Art and Politics 
Developmentally-Delayed Teenagers 
An Interview with Arny Mindell 
New Features 

The Journal of Process Oriented Psychology Vol. 5 Nr 1,Spring/Summer 1993 
The Worldwork Seminars: A Personal Learning Overview 
Commentaries on Mandalas Painted at the 1992 Worldwork Seminar 
Process Work and Mainstream Conflict Resolution Paradigms 
The World Channel in Individual Work 
Sex: Procreation, Recreation or Co-creation? 
Juice and Doughnuts: Group Process Work with Teen-agers 
But What Does It Mean?": Mystery as a Key to Exploring Experience 
The Role of the Disturber in Process Oriented Family Therapy 
About The Art Work 
Dissertation and Thesis Abstracts 

The Journal of Process Oriented Psychology Vol. 7 Nr 1, 1995 
Conflict: Gateway to Community 
What's Love Got to Do With It: Race, Gender and Culture 
Over the Rainbow 
Toward a Shamanic Theatre of Being 
Sustainable Social Activism 

The Journal of Process Oriented Psychology Vol.7 Nr2 1995/1996 
What's the Point of Process Work? 
Encounters with the Spirit: Developing Second Attention at the Edge 
Between Objectivism and Experientialism: A New Framework for Abuse 
Sexual Abuse as a Cultural Concern 
Theoretical Foundations of Process Work: Exploring the Connections 
Between Psychology and Physics 
Timespirits: a Revolutionary Concept in Process Work 
Jung , Taoism, the Sound of a Saxophone and I 

The Journal of Process Oriented Psychology Vol. 8, Nr 1, Spring/Summer 2001 
The Five Blind Men and the Elephant: A Comment 
Difficult Contacts 
Following the River's Way: An Interview with Arnold 
Symptoms, dreaming and Society: Process - oriented Symptom Work as a 
New Approach to Illness and Disease 
The Music that Dreamt Me Today 
Living with Skin Disease: Shamanic Journey 
Families Coming Apart: A Process Approach to Divorce and Other 
Don't Forget to Come by For Coffee: Conflict Resolution Training with a Group of Muslim Women in Athens , Greece 
Mother, what killed you? Transcending Tragedy through a Process-oriented 
View of " Mental Illness" and Body Symptoms

The Journal of Process Oriented Psychology Vol. 8, Nr 2, Winter 2001 
How Elephant Rock " n" Role: Or The Grand Picture in The Little Things 
So Much Depends on a Red Hook: The Essence of Writing 
Not Knowing: Ancient Mystical Approach, Postmodern Psychotherapeutic Practice 
The Hollow Bone: An Interview with Robert King 
Asclepius' Rod: An Overview of The Struggle between the Sacred and 
Profane in Medicine 
Mauthausen: A journey into History Then and Now 
A Night in Jung's Alembic 
How to Build a Taoist Temple 
A Democracy Dialogue: Getting to the Essence of Freedom 
Noticing the Spirits in Everyday Life: Process Work as Spiritual 
Practice and Antidote for Mild Chronic Depression 
Shamanism, Process Work and Extreme States 
Jurnal for Working with Groups. Vol II, No. 2 1999: 
Groupwork. An Interdisciplinary.

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